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Whitsunday Dive Centre
Phone: 07 49461067
1/4 Airlie Esplanade
Airlie Beach, QLD 4802
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Scuba Dive Great Barrier Reef Australia - Dive Cairns, Whitsundays, Airlie Beach

Whitsunday Dive Centre is an established diving business in the Whitsundays. We commenced operation of our first dive boat from Airllie Beach, Whitsundays in 1979. We have combined with our colleagues in the Queensland scuba diving industry to present with honesty the very best Great Barrier Reef diving options for Cairns and Airlie Beach - Whitsundays. Online bookings, current information and experience are what we have to offer.divingaustralia

The dive site information in this website is our original information from our personal experience of operating cruise boats and scuba diving in the Whitsunday Islands, Cairns and to the Great Barrier Reef. We are not influenced by large corporations so you can have confidence in the information that we provide.

Quick Guide

This table links to information pages on each of the separate headings. These pages all have an enquiry form that we ask you to complete if you want further information or to make a booking. For our friends in the countries outside of Australia and also for non-Queenslander Australians, please be advised that Cairns is Queensland's most northern city, The Whitsundays - Airlie Beach is some 623 kilometres (387 miles) south of Cairns and the Whitsundays is 1120 kilometres (695) miles north of Brisbane. Pick-ups from Cairns airport for Whitsunday dive cruises are definitely out of the question.

Enquiry Forms

Please use our enquiry forms, conveniently located at the bottom of each activity page, when making your enquiries. They are designed to give us your information in a format that enables us to answer you without delay.

We know you will love scuba diving in Cairns and the Whitsundays.

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Scuba Dive Great Barrier Reef Australia

Cairns Australia Great Barrier Reef Dive Liveaboard

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$690 AUD Cairns liveaboard

Available in Cairns, Airlie Beach and Whitsundays Australia

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